Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Minnesota is famous for its abundance of water bodies. It’s even known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

What’s even more remarkable is that the official tally indicates that 10,000 is low. If you’re counting the ones that are at least 10 acres or larger, the state can boast having 11,842 lakes.

Each one of those lakes has its own unique ecosystem and can offer its own share of incredible experiences. You don’t want to pass on the opportunity to have those experiences yourself.

Purchasing your own boat will allow you to experience the many lakes of the state firsthand. Securing boat insurance from us at the Arcadia Insurance Group before sailing will allow you to have those experiences without harboring any worries.

Do You Need to Buy Boat Insurance before Sailing in Minnesota?

Like many other states across the country, Minnesota does not mandate watercraft insurance for boat owners. It is an optional purchase.

While watercraft insurance is not a requirement per se, there are still many arguments to be made for securing a policy of your own anyway.

Since you’re going through the trouble of buying a boat and investing in it, you likely have plans to use it often. Do you really want to repeatedly head out on the water knowing you have no coverage?

If you don’t have enough space at home and will have to rely on a storage facility to keep your boat safe, insurance is also a smart purchase. Your policy will cover you should your boat wind up stolen.

So yes, boat insurance is not required, but it can still be considered a real necessity.

A Must for Inexperienced Boaters

Sailing the numerous lakes of Minnesota is exciting, but it can also be risky if you’re new to that activity. You could end up damaging someone else’s property accidentally while you’re trying to get the hang of things.

Don’t take on such a huge and unnecessary risk. Secure your watercraft insurance first and make sure that you are covered even if your boating trip turns out badly.

Finding the right boat insurance plan can be difficult given all the options available. If you want the plan that fits your needs best, partner with us at the Arcadia Insurance Group. We’ll work together to ensure that you are always covered whenever you set sail.

Partner Carriers

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