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Home Insurance

If you own a house, make sure you have enough home insurance to protect your residence and all of your belongings. States don't require this coverage, but your mortgage lender or homeowners' association may expect you to carry it. Either way, it will safeguard your family's future if a fire or other disaster causes serious harm.

What's Covered?

In addition to fire, a homeowner's policy offers protection when vandalism, burglary, some types of storms, and various other events occur. It doesn't only cover your home's valuables and structural materials. This insurance also protects things like outbuildings, small boats, furnishings, appliances, and items you keep in a storage unit.

It could become unsafe to live in your house after a major fire or a particularly severe thunderstorm. In situations like these, many homeowner's policies cover the additional expenses that come with living in a hotel. This makes the situation less stressful because you needn't worry about the extra cost of lodging or eating out.

  • Hotel rooms
  • Storage locker
  • Pet boarding

Another important reason to have homeowner’s insurance is that it offers liability protection. In many cases, it will compensate others when your actions or negligence unintentionally cause injuries. The same goes if similar mistakes damage someone's property. Liability coverage also applies to harm caused by family members or pets.

Optional Riders

While homeowner's policies offer thorough protection, you might need a rider or other add-on in some situations. If you own high-end antiques, jewelry, or art, discuss these items with your agent. You might also need additional coverage for a swimming pool or home business. Consider adding flood protection if you face this risk.

Minnesota homeowners turn to Arcadia Insurance Group when they need reliable, comprehensive home insurance. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff can help you set up the ideal policy that's tailored to your family's needs. We always strive to accurately determine how much coverage is necessary. To learn more, please visit, call, or use the Arcadia Insurance Group website to request a quote.

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