Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles have become a necessary traveling companion for many Minnesotans. In places where congestion is common, relying on public transportation and even using your own car can often lead to you reaching your destination later than you intended.

People have increasingly turned to use motorcycles to get around their traffic-related woes. If you’re thinking about doing the same thing, then take a moment to learn more about motorcycle insurance first.

As you’ll see, some policies have quirks that could leave you vulnerable in certain situations. Learn more about motorcycle insurance by reading on and secure your plan by working with us at the Arcadia Insurance Group.

An Important Thing to Know about Motorcycle Insurance in Minnesota

In the state of Minnesota, motorcycle insurance is regarded similarly to automobile insurance in the sense that both are required by the law. You cannot take your two-wheeler out for a spin if you don’t at least have the minimum amount of liability coverage for your vehicle.

Now, where things differ significantly between auto and motorcycle insurance is when you look at the no-fault or personal injury protection policy.

The personal injury protection policy or PIP covers expenses that arise following an accident. Crucially, this policy can come into play regardless of who caused the accident.

Here’s the thing though: basic motorcycle insurance plans don’t feature that PIP policy, according to the Minnesota government. On top of that, the PIP policy included with your auto insurance will not offer protection if you’re involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle.

You could end up in a very vulnerable spot if you’re not aware of that glaring omission in your policy.

How to Secure a More Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Plan

To get around the issue of that missing policy, you must talk to your insurance provider. Request to have that PIP policy added to your plan so that you have better coverage. You will likely have to pay more, but the added expense will be worth it.

Alternatively, you can also work with an insurance provider that offers more comprehensive plans right from the start.

We here at the Arcadia Insurance Group strive to offer the most comprehensive insurance plans to all our clients. Contact us today and let’s start putting together that motorcycle insurance plan you’re looking for.

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