Umbrella Insurance

Many renters, homeowners, and motorists benefit from a form of insurance known as an umbrella policy. Minnesota residents can use this coverage to supplement existing protection and gain greater peace of mind. Umbrella insurance could safeguard your assets if you face a major lawsuit. In addition to expanding standard coverage, it adds new types of protection.

Do You Need It?

This insurance isn't required by the state government or any other organization. Nonetheless, it's wise to consider signing up for a policy if you own substantial assets and/or welcome numerous visitors into your home. There's always a risk that someone could suffer injuries or other losses and take legal action.

Added Protection

An umbrella plan provides more liability coverage in addition to what your home, condominium, renters, or car insurance offers. It compensates for other individuals' losses rather than damage to your own property. The policy could come in handy if you cause a major traffic accident. However, it generally won't cover losses involving a business or commercial vehicle you own.

  • Raises liability coverage limits
  • Enhances multiple existing policies
  • Covers a wider range of incidents

Umbrella protection doesn't only boost your existing liability caps. It covers certain kinds of lawsuits that regular home and renters' policies normally exclude. For instance, it can protect you when a person or business accuses you of slander. Keep in mind that internet posts, comments, and reviews sometimes trigger legal action.

Getting Started

Before you can sign up for umbrella coverage, you'll need to make sure you have enough liability protection on your existing policies. Speak to an agent for specific details. An insurer probably won't approve your application if your home and vehicle currently lack insurance or you only carry basic policies.

Arcadia Insurance Group helps residents determine if they need umbrella insurance and choose the best options. Our experts know how to evaluate your risks and identify the most suitable coverage level. For further details and a free quote, please call or visit Arcadia Insurance Group today.

Partner Carriers

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